MSP Hard Twisting Classic, 1998 Homozygous Perlino Tobiano Stallion, Reistered APHA, PHANZ, PHAA
National Reining Champion, New Zealand

Since we do not currently have a breeding stallion, I decided to put a past stallion.

"Classy" is one of our success stories. From the day he foaled we knew he was destined to go far. Just how far, we weren't to find out for several years.

A product of our Skipper W mare, Colored Twist and the sire Boston Classic 2, Classy was quite the unique individual. He color alone made him a stand out. Perlino had just been added to the APHA color listing and with the homozygous designation, it was win-win.

We sent Classy to training after Keith broke him and due to his small stature, decided to try him in reining. He was ideal; with smooth, flawless lead changes and eye-catching color, a full flowing mane and tail. How could you go wrong?

Into his second year on the Ohio Paint Horse Show season, I got a call from Donna Kennett, a woman in New Zealand, who was interested in buying him. So after vet checks, quarantine for 5 weeks and a flight from Chicago to New Zealand, Classy had a new home. He continued to excel  in New Zealand and became the National Reining Champion in 2004. We finally met Donna in 2005 when she made a trip to the APHA World Show. She brought lots of picture and news for us to share. It was great to see how well he was doing. You never know how far any horse you have will go.

CLASSY UP-DATE 2007: Classy was again in the show ring of the NZ Ranch Horse Association. In 2007, he won the following awards : 2007 All-Round Ranch Horse Champion; 2007 Reining Champion; 2007 Team Penning Champion; 2007 Cutting Horse Champion; 2007 Team Sorting Champion; 2007 Games Horse Champion. He also was the sire of the 2007 Sires Stakes Yearling Futurity. Way to go Classy! Keep up the good work down under.

CLASSY UP-DATE 2008: 2008 proved to be another banner year for this great stallion. This year he excelled in the show ring by being the New Zealand Ranch Horse All-Round Champion. Accellades also include 2008 National Reining Champion; 2008 Nationsl Team Penning Champion; 2008 National Team Sorting Champion; 2008 National Reined Horse Champion. His 2008 colt won the 2008 Sires Starkes Yearling Futuity again this year.

Classy Up-Date 2009: Classy is now retired from the show ring and the spot light. He is living a life of leisure as a school horse for young riders and they all love him. Donna says he is a real sweetheart. He is still producing those very nice foals that will hopefully carry on his tradition of excellence in the show ring for years to come.

On a personal note, we are very proud of all the accomplishments that Classy has amassed for himself in the World Down Under. He has done his American Paint Horse breeding and his American family very proud. You can read more about Classy by going to Donna's website at

In Our Future ?
Pictured in 2004
Pictured in 2007
Pictured in 2009